This is a simple, modern style with carved double-door wall cabinet. This cabinet is made of high-quality, hard MDF sheet, and it has the characteristics of waterproof and moisture resistance; it is designed with a double-door pull slot style, with a layer in the middle. This layer is an active layer and can be adjusted up and down according to its own needs. The storage space inside can hold all kinds of toiletries, tableware, sundries, etc. This cabinet is a multi-purpose cabinet, which can be used as a bathroom cabinet in the bathroom, or as a dining cabinet in the restaurant.

Carved Double Door Modern Style Wall Cabinet - firlar

SKU: VK-422743062
  • 1. Carved design style
    2. High quality, hard MDF plate
    3. Wooden handle
    4. Double door groove design laminate can be adjusted up and down
    5. Waterproof and moisture-proof
    6. High quality, high quality
    7. Wall hanging device
    8. Convenient installation